Çocuk Sağlığı ve Hastalıkları Dergisi 2013 , Vol 56 , Num 1
Comparison of probiotic and lactulose treatments in children with functional constipation and determination of the effects of constipation treatment on quality of life
*M. Asburçe B. Olgaç1, Oya Balcı Sezer1, Figen Özçay2
Başkent Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi 1Pediatri Uzmanı, 2Pediatri Profesörü In this study, we aimed to evaluate the effects of Lactobacillus reuteri (DSM 17938) and lactulose on functional constipation and to determine their impact on quality of life (QoL) of patients. One hundred and three children (53 in treatment, 50 in the control group) were evaluated. A generic QoL questionnaire was applied to all children and families. Children with functional constipation were treated with probiotics (n=25) or lactulose (n=28) for four weeks. Patients were asked to keep a bowel diary during treatment. The generic QoL questionnaire was re-applied after the treatment period. Defecation frequency, stool consistency, abdominal pain, painful defecation, and stool-withholding behavior improved significantly in both treatment groups. Probiotics were more effective on abdominal pain and flatulence than lactulose. Average QoL scores were significantly lower in children with functional constipation than in healthy children. No differences were found between the effects of treatments on QoL. Improvement in the family perspectives of QoL was significant in the lactulose group. Anahtar Kelimeler : fonksiyonel kabızlık, probiyotikler, laktuloz, yaşam kalitesi.
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