Çocuk Sağlığı ve Hastalıkları Dergisi 2006 , Vol 49 , Num 1
Turkish medical words in Sumerian language
Murat Yurdakök
Hacettepe Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Pediatri Profesörü Yurdakök M. (Department of Pediatrics, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey). Turkish medical words in Sumerian language. Çocuk Sağlığı ve Hastalıkları Dergisi 2006; 49: 76-77.

By 3100 B.C. the population of Sumer had increased to the point where people were living in cities and had developed a civilization including the first evidence of writing. The original homeland of the Sumerians is unknown. Their language is not related to those major language families that later appeared in the Near East - Semites and Indo-Europeans. At least 168 Turkish words are present in the Sumerian language. The origin of these words may be a neighboring people; Subarians probably lived in the northern part of Sumeria (Subar means “water man” or “river man” in ancient Turkish). In this article, some Turkish medical words in the Sumerian language are presented. Anahtar Kelimeler :

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